Only a month & half to go until CAMP VC !! We're very proud to be hooking up with HONDA this year to support the event & beyond.

We know so many bad ass women who are ripping Hondas in every shape & size (we've even got a couple ourselves) so we thought we'd introduce you to a some of these ladies & their wheels  who will be making their way to burn through the Breacon Becons at CAMP VC this summer!  First up the lovely Natasha Farrar & her XL250.


You meet the nicest people on a Honda its true & Natasha Farrar is one of the nicest. Orange haired & usually in leopard print jeans she rips around London town on one of the most beautiful XL250s we've ever seen.  Get to know her & little red before she hits the site  at Camp VC :)



- Natasha Farrar -

27 from Croydon, London. 

What do you do for a job?

I work in film and tv which just means at any given moment I could be doing anything from herding turkeys to wearing a wig in a car with a stunt driver whatever it is it won't ever involve sitting in an office. This won't be forever though, I have to figure out what is next. 

When & where did you learn to ride? What made you want to learn to ride? 

I learned a few years ago, unofficially in Wood Green on my boyfriends KTM and officially in Billericay with Probike Training with  really truely awesome teachers, I was a nervous wreck when I started and they sorted me right out. 
I didn't know anyone who rode and knew nothing of motorcycle culture. My boyfriend said I could try his bike with him on the back and that was game over, I loved it so that got me started. I have such a unique sense of joy when I'm on a bike even as a passenger. I wish I started sooner. 

Explain your amazing bike to us! :)

Ooooo my little red Honda. She is a 1980s XL250 with a 23in front wheel and a dodgy looking fender.  ha ha It's great for nipping around London but I think it dreams about zooming around on grass and dirt in the countryside.
. It's a really simple bike so it's great to learn from. At the moment I don't know much about mechanics so if something goes wrong even I can take a look and get an idea of what's happening and maybe how to fix it. Having said that I've made one or two mistakes but I'll get there. 

How long have you owned your bike? 

3 years it's my first and only bike. 

Have you done any custom work to your bike?

Barely, it's almost all original. I've taken out the battery so the electrics run off the engine and removed a bit of the faring for looks. If i wanted a little project or fancied customising a bike I would buy something else for that. 

What made you choose your bike? 

I didn't really. I was looking out for a particular enduro and Andrew Almond from Bolt said his mate Drew at Black Skulls was selling something I might like. I popped over to see it, it just seemed massively red and the engine was too small. But I jumped on it and had a ride and thought woaaaaahhhh this bike was made for me. riding a lighter bike made me feel like a kid I could throw my weight around confidently. So I just had to convince Drew not to sell it to anyone else while I got the money together. Thank you Drew. 

Whats the best moto trip you've ever been on?

I've been pretty limited to riding around London but last year I chucked the bike in the back of a van and drove it to meet my cousins camping in Sussex. I spun it around some fields until I felt a Bit too guilty about the grass. I had so much fun, it's a completely different feeling to riding in the road I can't really describe it. If anyone reading this near London wants to go green laneing or take a little trip let me know!

Dream motorcycle trip (where & with who)? 

In a dream world there would be Mountains, dirt roads, jungle, the coast or some lakes, sun and a tent. maybe with a local rider who knows good places to go and can help get out of sticky situations.  But for now in the real world it would be camp vc this August! 

Any advice to anyone wanting to start riding?

Just do it. At least give it a go!  If you are fearful of something make sure you learn with instructors who put you at ease and are willing to spend time to help you overcome any issues. Resist the desire to get a really powerful bike until you've put in time on he road. My time on the little red has probably made me a better more controlled rider. You might miss the speed of a bigger bike but I think you have to earn that. 

What are you most looking forward to at CAMP VC? 

Getting out of london, dirt riding, meeting new homies and learning to skate :) Hurry up August.