Gemma Harrison - Warman (@ghwfive )

Age - 31

Job - Luxury womenswear designer, Co-owner of VCC,  Boss lady of the mess that is VC LONDON & general jack of all trades The Shop Customs. Phew!

Riding From? -

LONDON with the the VC london crew & Anya & Ashmore..... We'll be waiting for you all when you get there with open arms & a beer in hand ;)

Currently ride? -

A Triumph Thruxton,  Kawasaki KX125 2 stroke, Honda CRF250,  a custom built Yamaha Sr125 & A yamaha DT125 field bike... I'm big believer in horses for courses bike wise.

How did you get into Motorcycles? -

My husband Howard (@ five _customs ) started riding about 6 years ago after we bought a little SR125 with our wedding money. He moved on pretty quickly to a Triumph so it just kind of got passed down to me. We not long after went to a custom bike show together. He was ushered into the fancy show bike area & me, having only been riding about a week, followed him in. My little stock bike got a few laughs... I decided there and then that I'd learn to rebuild that bike as a bit of a fuck you! ha ha...I've still got it today. Its been the VC learner bike for about 60 people now, been ridden all over the UK when I only had a CBT & I rode it at this years Dirtquake... we've been through quite a bit together over the last 5 years & its never failed me. I don't think I'll ever be able to part with it... Maybe a first bike to hand down to the kids?

Best Road trip - 

Joshua Tree last year was pretty incredible. Me & Namin Cho went along to Babes Ride Out 3 which sparked this whole thing off! The roads out in the National park are pretty insane. I'd love to ride the full width of America some day. 

Looking forward to most a Babes Ride Out UK-

Seeing all the months of hard work come together & getting together all these rad women from all over the world that I've been speaking to over the last year to finally put some faces to names is going to be pretty awesome! Its always been really important for me to grow the UK community of riders as when I went to Babes Ride Out in the US last year I couldn't believe how incredible the scene was over there & immediately wanted to have that same vibe at an event in the UK..... Also seeing Slowcoaches play live is pretty high on my list. They been on my riding playlist for a while now. Im sure theres gonna be a few girls with me to start a mini mosh pit, right?