We're absolutely stoked to be welcoming The  amazing Pearl Harts to CAMP VC this year to play on Saturday night. Described as 'Queens of the Stoneage meets The Runanways' with a mix of old school riffs with some modern looping and samples a recent review called them: 

“Tiny tiny girls that look like giants on stage… all you can think to do is ask them out for ice cream
and all they want to do is wreck your house and firebomb your car”

Think they might fit right in dont you? Get to know them & their music before you head to CAMP VC & get your moshing feet at the ready :)

- So how long have you guys been together as The Pearl Harts? 

Kirsty: We started The Pearl Harts in 2014 in a shitty rehearsal room off Mare Street

- Describe Pearl Harts in 3 words:

Bad Ass Bitches

- What are your musical influences?

anything Rock and Roll! 


- Best gig you've ever played?

We recently supported Skunk Anansie on their European tour and we got to play Brixton Academy which has been a childhood dream of ours... we had our family and friends there - it felt really good! 

- Worst gig you've ever played?

We played at show last year where all the equipment was falling apart - the drums were falling over and the PA was some old amps as speakers and I was getting an electric shock every time I sang into the mic! Despite that we actually ended up playing a wicked set! 

- If you could replace each other with any other musician who would it be ? 

Can we just add Dave Grohl to the line up? 


- What have you got lined up for us at Camp VC? 

Strickly bangers

- So what made you wanna get involved with Camp VC ? 

I met Gemma at a Pub in Deptford and we started talking bikes & we've been fan girls ever since!!


Go follow The Pearl Harts on Instagram HERE & check out more of their music on spotify now!