Its not so often you see an 80 year old woman riding a dirt bike, but then this is no ordinary lady. This is the legendary Mary McGee.

This incredible woman is a pioneer in the world of women motorcyclists who amongst her vast achievements has ridden her 250cc Husqvarna solo in the Baja 500 race ripping by over 17 two man teams.  Mary started car racing her early 20's in Arizona & progressed onto motorbikes, after a friend let her borrow his 1956 Triumph tiger cub. She then started racing in 1960, racing her first race on a Honda cb92 125cc. This lady has ridden desert & dirt motocross (which she still does up until today racing in the over 70's class on a 1974 Husqvarna 250) and has a place in history as one of the trailblazers for women riders in motorsport.

Learning about her has set me a few new life goals to say the least!  Read below for an excerpt from her interview with WCM.org from 2012.....

"I’ve been told that I’ve inspired other women to ride, especially by female riders who came up to me in Carson City at the AMA International Women & Motorcycling Conference in the summer of 2012. If I’ve done anything to help, that’s great. Women hold up half the sky!  Women have long faced more obstacles than men, it was always NO such as “No, you can’t vote,” or “No, you can’t race.” Or No to any random thing. Women heard a lot of “No! Women can’t do that.” I did my time demonstrating for Equal Rights, Pro-Choice and Title 9. When it comes to motorcycling, I always say, “Just get out there and ride.” Motorcycling equals freedom, plus it’s such fun. You feel so different on a motorcycle than in a car. Being a woman on a motorcycle somehow makes you feel more important, like you’re telling the world “I can do this”. More women should also enter any kind of racing event. Just enter. You may not win, but at least you entered. My goal was to always finish."

Interview excerpt from : www.wcm2020.org

Gemma x