Time to meet the most babely of babes Jaime Dempsey. The loveliest, friendliest and also most badass lady on 2 wheels she's coming all the way from LA & will be here with the her womens moto brand ATWYLD that she shares with equally mega babes Anya Violet & Corinne LanFranco. Yikes!


NAME: Jaime Dempsey

AGE: 40 going on 30

WHERE ARE YOU RIDING FROM: Flying from Los Angeles to London and riding from there! I don't really know who I'm riding with or even what route I'm taking but at least I have a bike all sorted. The rest I'll figure out as the time comes! 

WHAT DO YOU CURRENTLY RIDE: I currently own a 2014 Triumph Bonneville which I have spent many a dollar customizing into a real beauty. Every time I open my garage door to see her there I feel so proud to be riding her. I'm a daily rider and this is one of the most reliable bikes I've ever owned.

HOW DID YOU GET INTO MOTORCYCLES: I was pretty much just naturally drawn to motorcycles. I liked the sense of freedom and independence they offered, and I was curious to see if riding was something I could master. A little over 10yrs ago I met a guy who rode, and I asked him to teach me. I fell in love twice that day. 

BEST RIDING TRIP YOU'VE BEEN ON: When I moved out to LA from Philadelphia I rode cross country with my boyfriend and some friends and it was so much fun. We didn't spend much time with our feet on the ground and there were definitely a few mechanical issues along the way. When you have a good crew though almost any journey you take together is a fun adventure.

However the most beautiful ride I've ever taken was through the mountains of Kalinga in the Philippines. So many green rice terraces and breathtaking views. I kept having to pull over for photo ops!

DREAM PLACE TO RIDE: I have so many on my list... New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Vietnam... and the UK!

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO AT BRO UK: BRO UK is really special to me because I actually grew up in Surrey, and I spent all of my formative years causing havoc in and around London. Now I get to come back as an adult and do something I've never done there- ride motorcycles! I'm excited to see some of the friends that I made at BRO 3 in Joshua Tree, and I'll even take a little time later in the week to catch up with some old school mates. Maybe I can even squeeze in some time for a new tattoo??