Next up for our Honda rider features for CAMP VC we've got the lovely Ruby LeGalle & her  1997 Honda rebel! Ruby will be at Camp VC this summer so make sure you say hi when she gets to site :) 



 - Ruby Le Galle -

24 , from Jersey - Channel Islands


So how long have you been riding? 

On and off since I was about 17. As soon as I could get a licence I got a cheap bike and just rode around Jersey, stalling a lot if I remember rightly. It's a pretty quiet place with smalls roads and a VERY low speed limit over most of the island so ideal to learn.


What first made you want to learn to ride? 

My dad was a wheeler dealer so there were always different cars and bikes around the place when I was growing up, he would usually let me 'test drive' whatever was there which got me interested. He also used to take me out on the back of his bikes - the earliest one I remember was a really funny custom Honda chopper and he moved onto sports bikes after that. I guess it made me want to have one myself!


How long have you owned your Honda?      

My bike is a 97 Honda Rebel 125 & Ive owned it for about a year and a half. It had been sat in a garage for quite a while when i bought it and has done almost no miles from new - so it was great to actually get her out on the road where she belongs! 


Have you done any custom work to your bike?  

   I took the mirrors of so I could cut around London traffic better - haha. 


What made you choose your bike?    

 I'd just decided to get another bike and my dad gave me a bunch of old 90's Honda brochures he'd found in his garage. I saw the CA 125's and thought they looked like fun and I hadn't seen many of them about on the road, so set about finding one. 




Whats the best moto trip you've ever been on on your Honda?

      I camped in Snowdonia last summer and it was amazing - beautiful roads and scenery. I love being out with just my bike and a tent and spending all day outdoors -when you don't have a route so just take whichever roads look interesting. Some local bikers were pretty impressed that my 125 Honda had come all the way up from London- it loved the trip too! 


Any advice to anyone wanting to start riding?        

Just do it - don't listen to anyone who tells you that you can't do it (especially because you're a girl) or that it's dangerous.Get a small bike and head out on some quiets roads for as long as it takes till you feel confident - I've loved having a 125 so I think they're a good place to start. Having a bike gives you a lot of independence and freedom to travel around. If you like solo travelling like me I think its the perfect way to do it, and its cool to ride with friends and meet new people as well.


What are you looking forward to most at CAMP VC?     

Waterfalll swimming, and beer!