We're so excited to have House of vans yoga boss lady Grace Hazel onsite at this years CAMP VC teaching free yoga classes on Saturday morning & afternoon for all you yoga bunnies. She's an absolute ray of sunshine & were stoke to have her involved. Get to know Grace below & find out what she'll be bringing with her to CAMP VC this year. 


Name: Grace    

Age: 28

Profession: Yoga Teacher – Energy Body Balancer & Thai Yoga Masseuse – Design Studio Co-coordinator


When did you start to teach yoga? 

I started to teach yoga back in January 2014, so 3 years ago. Yoga literally changed my life. I discovered it 9 years ago and it’s transitioned and guided me through the highs, and most importantly stuff that’s been tough. I began teaching because it felt, and still does feel necessary to introduce others to the continuous healing it can offer to your life.


You leaned to ride this year with Mai! How did you find it? 

YES! Maite was an awesome teacher. I’d ridden on the back of my dad’s motorbike when I was little, so it was a lot of fun to be in the drivers seat. 


What have you got lined up for us onsite! (sessions, whats involved, what style of yoga etc) 

I'll be teaching two 60 minute yoga classes in the morning. The style I teach varies, but it can predominantly be described as vinyasa flow. We'll start off soft with a meditation, then we'll slowly begin to move our bodies. Vinyasa flow is basically linking up various yoga poses with breath and transition so that the postures become a flowing sequence. It'll be totally accessible to all levels, so come along if you're completely new - if you're a well accustomed yogi!


What made you want to support the CAMP VC event? 

I met the lovely Mai through the design studio we both work at. I liked her straight away. When she invited me to ride with her, I met Gemma who I also really vibed with. I love what VC does and how it promotes bringing a strong community of women together. Woman have got to choose to uplift each other. It's an honour to be teaching for CAMP VC.