One thing I love about being a part of VC London is that we get to meet the most incredible people. People I sometimes wonder if we would have ever have crossed paths with if we hadn't started VC.  This isn't always through motorcycles..... sometimes it skaters, sometimes cyclists and now we get to add a lady doing something amazing on 4 wheels to the list. What seems to make us all gravitate towards each other, I think, is an attitude for adventure ... a way of getting out there to do whatever you want, maybe saying a bit of a fuck you to anyone who thinks we shouldn't, seeing the world & telling our stories, whether thats on 2 wheels, a board , a bicycle or on 4 wheels. 

Last weekend we went for a blast with the lovely B & her gorgeous E21 BMW for her motoring youtube channel that sees her driving & talking about different cars (in one episode taking a Mclaren through Mc D's drive through...  obvs) after growing up around cars with her Dad on the drag racing circuit. Its amazing to see B doing something totally different to most other moto shows I've ever seen. Not simply because she's a woman but because this girl knows her shit, loves to talk cars & but most importantly is so welcoming & uses what she's doing to try inspire & encourage others to get into doing what she loves. Who cant get down with that?!

We adore her & think you will too.... Check out this incredible girl & her motoring escapades on instagram @queenb_uk & subscribe to her youtube channel for more of her episodes.

Massive thanks to Thirteen media  for the vid!