21 Days Under The Sky

Errrrrrrr...This got us all road trippy dreamy like...

"21 DAYS UNDER THE SKY examines the timeless American love affair with motorcycles and an even greater American tradition: the road trip. Four bikers meet in San Francisco to start a 3,800 mile ride down the Lincoln Highway – the oldest coast to coast route that remains mostly two lane blacktop.
As they travel, the journey becomes less about getting anywhere and more about going back to where things started; about the heavenly landscapes, the proud people they encounter, and the small towns they rest in. It is a contemporary look at the American Dream, and the fearless few that have the guts to go without a plan – and a reminder of what a real adventure feels like."

Coming Out in May 2016 from the wonderful chaps at Dice Mag.

 For more info go to www.21daysunderthesky.com