In love with this post from CAMP VC 2017 by Paula Viidu for her blog.

As part of the all girl skate crew Nefarious Paula is a yoga instructing, skateboard pushing, surf loving, snowboarding (and now she can add moto riding to her repetoir after CAMP VC) badass & can be found teaching her new Yoga class - Ride Yoga Ride Yoga - a new take on Dynamic Yoga classes, specifically tailored for people active in board sports, such as snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing. Check it out! x

'A weekend of motorcycles & skateboarding with 250 radical women? You’ve arrived at Camp VC.....'

The first weekend of August, all things good collided and Camp VC took place. VC girls, Nefarious crew and around 200 other radical ladies of the highest caliber headed to Brecon Beacon-Wales for a jolly good time. 

If you’re unfamiliar with VC London then, VC is a group of women passionate about riding bikes and everything around it. They’re coolest of the cool (ice cold!) and for the second year running, they organised a camp to meet likeminded ladies and share their love for bikes. This year, they invited Nefarious crew to come along to add skateboarding to the mix. For the latter, Vans Europe and Lonely Pony Studio built the most perfect mini a gal can ask for and voila, there you’ve a recipe for the best weekend evaaa.