Next up meet Jodie riding all the way from Sheffield.... 

Name : Jodie
Age: 26
Job: Compliance officer

Where are you from?
I will be riding from sheffield (steel city )

Current ride?
I currently have a FZ8, CX500 and DT250

How did you get into bikes?
I got into motorcycles when I was 19 as a way to commute to and from work, I then got into touring on the motorbike and met so many awesome people and realised there was no going back for me, it has given me so much confidence and freedom

Best riding trip?

Best riding trip would have to be when I went to Germany, through the Black Forest and I went for a blast on the notorious Nurburgring that was an experience,

Dream place to ride?

Dream place to ride would be on the Route 66, but I am doing the babes ride out 4 in California in October so I'm pretty stoked for that!

What are you looking forward to most about babes ride out?
I am so looking forward to hooking up and meeting and meeting new biker chicks from all over the U.K. and overseas! Also having a blast around Wales and excited to see the views! Also their roads are amazing to ride! And off course partying