Ready to party at CAMP VC? Well these ladies are definitely gonna get the party started! 

We' re transporting a little piece of Hackney to CAMP VC in the form of the best bar in town & man do these ladies know how to party. The Blondies bar girls will be onsite all weekend mixing up  cocktails, handing out FREE Piston Head lager & serving up some Sailor Jerry rum ready for your FREE drink on arrival but first heres a little interview to help you get to know the biggest party animals onsite

Blondies ladies! So where you originally come from & where do you guys live now?

Verity, Sharmaine and Rochelle Cox. We're all Sisters who grew up in Sydney. We all moved over separately. I guess we followed Sharmaine, who's been here for about 7 years now. Rochelle's been for 4.5 and Verity for almost 3. Our older sister Jasmine lives out here too now but she working as a Air Hostess so although its a family business, she's not around as much. 


Tell us all about Blondies Bar! Where are you? When did you open? 

We are over in Clapton in East London. We opened almost a year and a half ago now. Which is crazy. But it fun and exciting, especially that we get to do it together. 


So how did you get the idea for Blondies? 

We always wanted to do something like this, but it came around quite quickly. Sharmaine and Verity we're chatting about it one day as Verity was hating her job. Sharmaine said lets do our own thing, then the ball started rolling.. Within 2 weeks we had a deposit down on a space. Then the games really began. It's our first time doing anything like this, so there was a lot to learn, but we're so glad we did.


We love that you're an all girl crew killing it in the bar business!  What made you want to open Blondies Bar together?

I think it's the strong bond we have. We've always been such a close family so the idea of working together wasn't scary. We always joke that it was either a bar/cafe or a band. But being that Verity is the only musically inclined one, this seemed like the better option. Rochelle is an amazing illustrator and designs all our merch, beer can designs and all the fun patches and stuff. She incredible. Sharmaine has a real eye for design and basically designed the interior of the building. Most of the cool stuff inside was her idea. We build the bar together as well, with the help of one of our really good friends Rob Nye. Its got a real DIY/Dive bar feel to it.. I guess thats why. lol.. 


What are the good & bad parts of working in a family team? ;) 

We all have strong personalities, but we respect each other a lot. Everyone has valid opinions and their area of expertise, so we just try and come at it from that angle. 


What made you want to get involved with Camp VC?

We've been watching the VC girls from afar for a while and they just seem like a really positive crew. Bringing females together and promoting a supportive community. We love getting involved with like minded people, so we reached out to Gemma. Think it's a pretty perfect match. 


What are you gonna be bringing to Camp VC? 

We're bringing the party vibe. We love throwing a kill party, and just wanna bring good energy. A good friend of ours came up with a game called 'Disco Bingo', with mandatory dance breaks and tongue in cheek bingo calls. Its super fun. We'll be bringing that too. 


Favourite tune to party to?

Shameless to say, or maybe not... Drake still makes us smile and shake out things while we're working. That or Supergrass's 'Alright' 


Favourite poison to get the party started? 

The infamous 'Blondies Rum Punch' of course