Image by  Ysa Perez

Image by Ysa Perez

By now many of you who follow some form the UK motorcycle community via social media will have started to hear about the rising sport of Flat Track racing. Run in the UK by The Dirt Track Riders Association (or DTRA for short) flat track is the sport that attracts all types of rider and experience levels - from chopper riders to off road enduro racers & pitches them against one another on purpose built flat track bikes (either DTX bikes, vintage classics, the inappropriate hooligan street bikes class or stock 100cc/ 125cc for the mini bike round) for a left turning, all out race on purpose built dirt oval tracks, horse trotting tracks, and speedway tracks across the UK.

But over in USA flat track racing is national sport with a long history renowned country wide and its racers are heroes of the story. None more so than trailblazer Shayna Texter. As one of only two women who compete at professional level in then USA Texter has had more wins than any other racer in the AFT single cylinder race class. Recently we came across this great article written by Hannah Elliot with some seriously amazing accompanying images by the talented Ysa Perez that anyone who wants to know about the sport of flat track needs to read instantly!

Just like her counterpart over this side of the pond , pro flat track racer Leah Tokelove, Shayna is first and foremost an extremely talented racer with the fact thats she's a woman coming in a distant second to her prowess as a leading motorsports athlete. She's up there competing at the highest level against other professional racers (mostly guys) and winning on a regular basis.

Although Shayna like many other women in sport doesn't want to be singled out as a poster girl due only to her being one of the only prominent women within the sport its impossible to put aside the fact that she represents the seeds of a shift within motorsport. Women like these have to come first to kick down the doors, blaze a trail & set a raising standard for the performance level & visibility of women within the motorsports world. This in turn is only helping to inspire more young girls to start out in motor sport at an early age & raise the bar even higher fr future generations. A true trailblazer in every way.

Read below for an excerpt from the article below And we've been lucky enough to get our hands on some unseen shots from the shoot from the lovely Ysa Perez. 


A big thanks to Ysa Perez for throwing these incredibly inspiring images our way. Killin' it girl!

Image by Ysa Perez

Image by Ysa Perez

The thing about flat-track racing is that you’ll eventually get hurt flat-track racing. In April at the Texas Motor Speedway outside Fort Worth, I watch five riders crash on the same unrelenting turn, tumbling over one another like dominoes into a heap of cracked femurs, collarbones, and ankles.

Blame the dirt—or, technically, the “Texas gumbo clay.” The sport’s greatest challenge is to successfully slide a 300-pound bike around a 180-degree turn at more than 100 mph. Adding to the difficulty is the short, half-mile oval track, which is pretty much flat: There’s no banked curve to help riders counter the centrifugal force that could send them flying into the air.

Image by  Ysa Perez

Image by Ysa Perez

 To get ahead, the really good riders will find split-second openings between all those skidding, dirt-spitting machines and dart through them. Winning isn’t so much a question of speed, because the track is so small that most of the race is spent in the turns. It requires a combination of timing, balance, aggression, and the luck of a survivor.




To read the full article by Hannah Elliot click HERE

To find out more about UK flat track get yourselves over to www.dirttrackriders.co.uk & institution of the flat track scene www.sideburnmagazine.com


The amazing Costa Sisters have absolutely smashed it again with this video from CAMP VC 2017..... This is exactly what the weekend was about.. Rad ladies riding, dirt burning, shredding, old friends & new ones , and one hell of a party! Argh! We can't wait to show you what ever got lined up for next year at CAMP VC!

A huge thanks to Costa Sisters & The incredible Pearl Harts for the tune


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In 2008, French motocross rider Livia Lancelot won the FIM Women’s Motocross World Championshipand became the first ever women’s world champion in the history of motocross. This victory came right in the middle of a shifting conversation within the world of action sports: rather than talking about the best champions, people were increasingly talking about why more women weren’t becoming the best champions. Gender imbalance and action sports have traditionally gone hand in hand, and motocross is no exception. However, things are tangibly improving on that front: since the Powder Puff National in 1974 – the first big female motocross race in the U.S. – we’ve seen an influx of competitions pop up specifically giving props to female athletes. There’s the WMX championship series, the X Games, the Endurocross series, just to name a few; and in the 2000s, women’s motocross became an official part of the AMA Pro National series, one of the world’s most prestigious motocross championships. And it’s not just about organisations moving to include women, too. Traditional motocross audiences want to see more women excelling in the sport, as exemplified by Vicki Golden: despite being the first woman in the Freestyle Motocross competition at LA’s X Games 2013 and despite competing against prominent male riders, she earned a bronze medal based off of real-time voting from people tuning into the competition on Twitter.



The impact of including women in motocross culture has been so tangible that women are increasingly participating in the sport even in countries like Iran, where women are banned from riding motorcycles in public. On the wave of this momentum, Girls are Awesome caught up with Livia about what it’s like being the only girl at the start line and what the women’s scene in motocross is like today. 




A massive thanks to San Miguel  for asking us to be a part of their 2017 San Miguel Rich List this year alongside some incredible people who value experience over possessions & pursue a different kind of wealth in life 🙌 .

Also a massive thanks to Jody Daunton for the amazing London memory. Pure magic to ride over London Bridge at sunrise with no one else around 🙌

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 13.41.24.png


We had another amazing year at Dirt quake this year. Love this event every year. It never disappoints

It was Namin's turn to race in the 125cc class this year on Gemma's trusty old SR125. If you ever wanted to try dirt track racing its the perfect place to start out. We've also got our ladies Dirt camp event coming u this weekend in collaboration with Greenfield dirt track & the DTRA who are also coming to give beginners dirt track mini bike sessions at CAMP VC ! Go get that dirt ladies!!!

Thanks to the lovely Rachel Billings for the dreamy images. They've got us all excited for CAMP VC now!!!!!!





Next up for our Honda rider features for CAMP VC we've got the lovely Ruby LeGalle & her  1997 Honda rebel! Ruby will be at Camp VC this summer so make sure you say hi when she gets to site :) 



 - Ruby Le Galle -

24 , from Jersey - Channel Islands


So how long have you been riding? 

On and off since I was about 17. As soon as I could get a licence I got a cheap bike and just rode around Jersey, stalling a lot if I remember rightly. It's a pretty quiet place with smalls roads and a VERY low speed limit over most of the island so ideal to learn.


What first made you want to learn to ride? 

My dad was a wheeler dealer so there were always different cars and bikes around the place when I was growing up, he would usually let me 'test drive' whatever was there which got me interested. He also used to take me out on the back of his bikes - the earliest one I remember was a really funny custom Honda chopper and he moved onto sports bikes after that. I guess it made me want to have one myself!


How long have you owned your Honda?      

My bike is a 97 Honda Rebel 125 & Ive owned it for about a year and a half. It had been sat in a garage for quite a while when i bought it and has done almost no miles from new - so it was great to actually get her out on the road where she belongs! 


Have you done any custom work to your bike?  

   I took the mirrors of so I could cut around London traffic better - haha. 


What made you choose your bike?    

 I'd just decided to get another bike and my dad gave me a bunch of old 90's Honda brochures he'd found in his garage. I saw the CA 125's and thought they looked like fun and I hadn't seen many of them about on the road, so set about finding one. 




Whats the best moto trip you've ever been on on your Honda?

      I camped in Snowdonia last summer and it was amazing - beautiful roads and scenery. I love being out with just my bike and a tent and spending all day outdoors -when you don't have a route so just take whichever roads look interesting. Some local bikers were pretty impressed that my 125 Honda had come all the way up from London- it loved the trip too! 


Any advice to anyone wanting to start riding?        

Just do it - don't listen to anyone who tells you that you can't do it (especially because you're a girl) or that it's dangerous.Get a small bike and head out on some quiets roads for as long as it takes till you feel confident - I've loved having a 125 so I think they're a good place to start. Having a bike gives you a lot of independence and freedom to travel around. If you like solo travelling like me I think its the perfect way to do it, and its cool to ride with friends and meet new people as well.


What are you looking forward to most at CAMP VC?     

Waterfalll swimming, and beer! 


Can't wait till CAMP VC for a dirt fix? The lovely people over at the DTRA & GREENFIELD DIRT TRACK are running another LADIES DIRT CAMP weekender at @greenfielddirttrack on the 22nd/ 23rd July! .

Dirtcamp is a ladies Dirt Track Experience weekend run by the DTRA  in conjunction with GREENFIELD DIRT TRACK, VC LONDON  & VCC! They supply the bikes, instructors and track for a weekend of dirt track lessons & camping you just bring the good times & your tent ⛺️ 

Last years event was awesome so you won't wanna miss this one. We have options for a full weekend or single day training. These events have very limited spots & sell out fast so if you think you're interested get over to the webshop and book in over at http://dtra.bigcartel.com 


Only a month & half to go until CAMP VC !! We're very proud to be hooking up with HONDA this year to support the event & beyond.

We know so many bad ass women who are ripping Hondas in every shape & size (we've even got a couple ourselves) so we thought we'd introduce you to a some of these ladies & their wheels  who will be making their way to burn through the Breacon Becons at CAMP VC this summer!  First up the lovely Natasha Farrar & her XL250.


You meet the nicest people on a Honda its true & Natasha Farrar is one of the nicest. Orange haired & usually in leopard print jeans she rips around London town on one of the most beautiful XL250s we've ever seen.  Get to know her & little red before she hits the site  at Camp VC :)



- Natasha Farrar -

27 from Croydon, London. 

What do you do for a job?

I work in film and tv which just means at any given moment I could be doing anything from herding turkeys to wearing a wig in a car with a stunt driver whatever it is it won't ever involve sitting in an office. This won't be forever though, I have to figure out what is next. 

When & where did you learn to ride? What made you want to learn to ride? 

I learned a few years ago, unofficially in Wood Green on my boyfriends KTM and officially in Billericay with Probike Training with  really truely awesome teachers, I was a nervous wreck when I started and they sorted me right out. 
I didn't know anyone who rode and knew nothing of motorcycle culture. My boyfriend said I could try his bike with him on the back and that was game over, I loved it so that got me started. I have such a unique sense of joy when I'm on a bike even as a passenger. I wish I started sooner. 

Explain your amazing bike to us! :)

Ooooo my little red Honda. She is a 1980s XL250 with a 23in front wheel and a dodgy looking fender.  ha ha It's great for nipping around London but I think it dreams about zooming around on grass and dirt in the countryside.
. It's a really simple bike so it's great to learn from. At the moment I don't know much about mechanics so if something goes wrong even I can take a look and get an idea of what's happening and maybe how to fix it. Having said that I've made one or two mistakes but I'll get there. 

How long have you owned your bike? 

3 years it's my first and only bike. 

Have you done any custom work to your bike?

Barely, it's almost all original. I've taken out the battery so the electrics run off the engine and removed a bit of the faring for looks. If i wanted a little project or fancied customising a bike I would buy something else for that. 

What made you choose your bike? 

I didn't really. I was looking out for a particular enduro and Andrew Almond from Bolt said his mate Drew at Black Skulls was selling something I might like. I popped over to see it, it just seemed massively red and the engine was too small. But I jumped on it and had a ride and thought woaaaaahhhh this bike was made for me. riding a lighter bike made me feel like a kid I could throw my weight around confidently. So I just had to convince Drew not to sell it to anyone else while I got the money together. Thank you Drew. 

Whats the best moto trip you've ever been on?

I've been pretty limited to riding around London but last year I chucked the bike in the back of a van and drove it to meet my cousins camping in Sussex. I spun it around some fields until I felt a Bit too guilty about the grass. I had so much fun, it's a completely different feeling to riding in the road I can't really describe it. If anyone reading this near London wants to go green laneing or take a little trip let me know!

Dream motorcycle trip (where & with who)? 

In a dream world there would be Mountains, dirt roads, jungle, the coast or some lakes, sun and a tent. maybe with a local rider who knows good places to go and can help get out of sticky situations.  But for now in the real world it would be camp vc this August! 

Any advice to anyone wanting to start riding?

Just do it. At least give it a go!  If you are fearful of something make sure you learn with instructors who put you at ease and are willing to spend time to help you overcome any issues. Resist the desire to get a really powerful bike until you've put in time on he road. My time on the little red has probably made me a better more controlled rider. You might miss the speed of a bigger bike but I think you have to earn that. 

What are you most looking forward to at CAMP VC? 

Getting out of london, dirt riding, meeting new homies and learning to skate :) Hurry up August. 




 Absolutely stoked to be featured in one of our favourite publications last month.

A big thanks to Huck Magazine for coming down to hang & putting us in their game changers issue alongside some of our absolute heroes!  




An early morning mist hangs low over the heart of London’s old East End. Gemma Harrison kicks the starter on her 1966 Triumph, shattering the silence of a wintry Saturday morning on Cable Street. 

Flanking her is Namin Cho and Mai Storni, who give their own engines a chest rattling roar before tearing off towards Limehouse tunnel.  As they cut through the Docklands – an industrial wasteland of concrete, metal and glass – any nearby vehicles instinctively keep their distance. 

This is the core of VC London: an all-female bike crew redefining what it means to ride for a new generation.

All images by Theo McInnes for HUCK MAGAZINE


A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to be invited out to Milan to The Reunion custom moto show by the shows organiser Matteo Andreani!  In only its second year The Reunion is an incredible moto gathering with some of Italys best bike builders, moto brands & moto clubs getting together to show off their newest projects, hang out in the sunshine  topped off by a mini dirt track & one gnarly drag race on the Monza track. We rode, we raced, we drank beers in the sunshine, ate too much salami, danced until the sun went down & came home with a few cuts & bruises but with massive smiles all round & a hell of alot of new mental Italian pals.

The thing that stood out for us about the Reunion was their incredibly Italian way of doing things... A totally welcoming, laid back, chilled out,  family orientated event with so many friendly faces riding around on their bikes in the sunshine that you couldn't help but feel like you could only be in Italy...And the standard of bike builds blew us away

Well definitely be back next year.... and hopefully well be a bit more successful on the drag racing than this time  ;)

A massive thanks to The Reunion, DMD helmets, Yamaha Italy & of course the wonderful Matteo Andreani & merry band of Milano Cafe racers for making it one crazy weekend to remember.



Ahhhhh take us back to last summer.... Probably one of the best days of last summer was the ladies flat track day set up by the chaps over at the DTRA . We turned left, crashed, got back on, crashed some more but all went home with multiple bruises, new pals & big smiles on dirty faces. Oh, if only we could do it all over again........... But wait..........

We've got some exciting news coming soon..... Watch out Insta & Events pages for news coming very soon!!

PHOTO:  DTRA WEBSITE  by the amazing  Dimitri Coste

PHOTO: DTRA WEBSITE by the amazing Dimitri Coste


To know this lady is to absolutely fall in love with her. We first met Virginia Hall back last year at BRO3 where she was all smiles & the longest limbs ever to grace a Harley.

Alongside her incredible photography work Virginia recently took on her own bike build & boy did it turn out pretty sweet.  Luckily her other half, Jay Cagney, was around to make a vid about the whole process. Welding never looked so good...

"Over the past year, I’ve documented Virginia's creation of this motorcycle. The bike started as a stock '96 XL1200c, and through many hours of late nights, dirty fingernails and torn gloves, Virginia was able to complete the bike you see her riding today. The bike above covers about 6 months of building from January to June of 2015. Because neither of us had a lot of experience building motorcycles, we pulled knowledge and advice from the people around us, and through lots information online. We're both happy to see the bike complete, and even more happy to present to you our journey through it."

Virginia Hall and Jay Cagney are recently engaged, and live in rural Northern New Jersey. Virginia is a Senior UX Designer and Jay works full time managing a video production department, as well as a freelance photo and video career.

To see more of Virginias work including her rad photos from BRO3 click HERE & visit Jay Cagneys Website HERE . Also follow them both on Insta now! @virninja / @jaycagney


We are very proud to announce that we are teaming up with the amazing ladies Babes Ride Out this year to present their first ever overseas event......


🇬🇧 Get ready for BABES RIDE OUT UK!!!  🇬🇧


Good Times, Good Friends, Two Wheels... lets do this! SAVE THE DATE! Registration and all info launches first week of April! Head over to www.babesrideout.com 's blog for more deets ! 

We can wait to share everything with you!!! Its gonna be big!



Say hello to Tobacco Motorwear.... 

This amazing brand that originally started with a Mens kevlar jeans range are now currently running a kickstarter for their womens kevlar lined skinny jeans range. Made with premium stretch denim & lined with dupont kevlar, their skinny cut stretch jeans have a high waist (to avoid any awkward muffin top situations when belting it on your bobber) & come in black & deep unwashed indigo blue, making them a great safe alternative to riding in regular jeans without having to compromise. We think its great to see someone addressing the issue of fashion & fit with inbuilt safety in a pair of jeans made specifically for women riders. 

Finally a skinny jean thats not gonna take your half your skin with them if you come off! ......Now thats something to invest in! 

Go to Tobacco Motorwears kickstarter page HERE  to check out what these jeans are all about (and to see some serious ass surfing action!)

IMAGE FROM: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1838833919/tobacco-motorwear-womens-jeans-kevlar-lined-usa-ma

IMAGE FROM: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1838833919/tobacco-motorwear-womens-jeans-kevlar-lined-usa-ma

IMAGE FROM: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1838833919/tobacco-motorwear-womens-jeans-kevlar-lined-usa-ma

IMAGE FROM: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1838833919/tobacco-motorwear-womens-jeans-kevlar-lined-usa-ma

Source: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1838833919/tobacco-motorwear-womens-jeans-kevlar-lined-usa-ma


So so so bloody proud of every one of these 11 ladies who came to do our all girl CBT day in collab with the lovely chaps at Scooter Den Dalston last Saturday. It was a bleeding freezing day but everyone did amazingly well! For anyone outside the UK, the CBT is the first step for new riders in the UK and gets them on the road for the first time. Cant wait to ride with all these hotties soon! A huge huge congrats to you all for getting on & doing it!

Happy Brapping ladies! See you all soon for some VC ride outs!