We rode, camped, watched flat track racing, saw the wall of death & danced in a mini mosh pit to a band fronted by Davros from Dr.Who...That was the weekend we went to Dirt Quake.


For those of you who have never been, Dirt Quake is the flat track equivalent of Wacky Races on speed. An crazy action packed weekend of both pro & amateur flat track racing where anyone and everything can be entered, with racing in fancy dress being the order of the day (our personal faves were the Clutch Customs boys racing in full teenage mutant ninja turtles garb).

We rode out on the scenic route from London with the Alex Grant, The Shop Customs boys & the lovely Bradley of Dark Arts coffee  & spent the weekend generally causing trouble in a campsite by riding whatever we could get our grubby hands on. We had a bloody ball! If you weren't there this year make sure you don't miss it next year!

Massive thanks to the guys at the DTRA & SIDEBURN MAGAZINE for putting on such a great weekend!

Gemma (@ghwfive)