Next up is our helmet sponsor for CAMP VC & we're proud to announce that the incredible DMD   are supporting us & keeping our noggins safe with their range of amazing EU approved lids while we burn around the Brecon Beacons this year! 

We've been in love with this Italian, family run company & their helmets since we first met them last summer at the Reunion show in Milan, with their vintage MX inspired Seventy Five being one of our absolute faves. We had a chat with the lovely Danila Stancheris about the company & why they're supporting CAMP VC this year. Watch out for the custom painted DMD helmets that will be available in our raffle at CAMP VC which well be revealing here & on our instagram soon!

Name & job title: 

Danila Stancheris, Marketing Director


Where are you from & where do you live? 

I am from Italy, Bergamo. I used to live in Milan and New York in the past 8 years but now I am based in Bergamo. I'm in charge of all free & marketing acvities, digital marketing web strategy for DMD. 


We absolutely love that DMD is a family business! Please tell us the history of the DMD company from how it started up to today? 

In 1975, my Dad - AMILCARE set up a company called NORDWEST, whose core business was importing the main helmets brands like BELL, SHOEI and GPA to Europe.  
In 2007, thanks to the know-how and the experience acquired during last 20 years, Amilcare and my brother Davide decided to become a helmet producer inter own right developing a new helmet brand called DMD. The DMD name represents the acronym of the name of three siblings: Davide, Michela and Danila. I started working for the company in 2010 after my graduation in Economics at Bocconi University in Milan.


What are the values at the heart of the DMD brand?

DMD really cares about the safety of its riders as we are bikers too and we try to give the best quality we can to our customers. Our products are first of all characterized by quality and safety and, only after that, come style and design. A helmet is for protection, so the first thing to focus on the development of a safe shell, that can resist as much as possible to the impact. Thats why our helmets are made in fiber glass and carbon kevlar as they represent noble materials that are very resistant and light. Also the inner covering is studied carefully in order to offer the maximum comfort to people, like us, who ride a lot. Our staff worked very hard on the dimension of the helmet in order to get the smallest helmet size outer with a perfect fit and a maximum compactness. A bigger shell doesn't look great! 


Do you ride? 

Right now I ride a  Vespa but I'm hoping to have a big bike soon! My brother Davide rides a 1938 Knucklehead.


Which DMD helmet is your personal favourite?

Our favorite helmet is the Woodstock model as it was our fist model made by custom paints. It was love at first sight! It embraces all the significant elements of the 70’s that are for us a great inspiration source. Our intention with the helmet was a strong nod toward the legendary seventies hence the name Woodstock! 


Please tell us why you you're supporting CAMP VC this year!

We love your idea to create an event where women can catch up and ride together. We want to support all the women who ride around the world as that community grows bigger and bigger! GIRL POWER!