After how well the last round up went down we thought we'd do another quick line up of whats new & on offer in the world of lids.... Enjoy!

( To see the first article we wrote about Lids explaining difference between DOT & ECE ratings click HERE)

NEXX XG100 - £180- £230

I'm not usually a fan of a helmet that comes already comes with such specific artwork but Maria have done a good job here with the new NEXX XG. The helmet is one of the best contenders in the new full face helmet race. A good shape, nice detailing & with a lack of great new full face options in the gap that the closing of Ruby left this a good option. The only let down is that although sizing goes from XS to L the shell size stays the same so on people with smaller bodies it can look a bit big profile wise. Rumour has it that they are developing more shell sizes due to its popularity so that should be sorted soon.  

Buy online at the BIKE SHED or URBAN RIDER or try on in store at the Bike Shed


Another in the line of Bell star retro remakes the DMD seventy five is a Kevlar / carbon mix helmet with a nod to retro BMX styling. ECE & DOT approved so good to go anywhere. Some great goggles that go with these helmets are the Barstow 100%, Biltwells "Overlands" & The Baruffaldi "Speed 1". Its one of our faves.

Available to buy at URBAN RIDER or BIKE SHED




This one is getting all of press at the moment. Elders Company are an Indonesian based helmet brand growing quick in popularity with fans like Zachiatrist & Fevvvaa . Their x-bone helmet has more than a small nod to the moto 3 styling & comes in some amazing colour ways. The downside of this helmet for europe is the non ECE testing tag but damn is this one sweet helmet.

For more info got to The Elders Company Instagram HERE  or website HERE

PREMIER TROPHY- £199 - £239

Super classic retro styling & not too many bells & whistles make the Trophy a well priced option in the new full faces on offer. With relatively low profile & some good basic colour ways (liking the yellow) its a great helmet Just one thing though...Why oh why did they decide to put the logo sticker on the mouth piece?!? Don't know why it bothers me so much but when I tried it on it wasn't love.

Go have a go for yourself & prove me wrong at Bike Shed or buy online HERE


The new editions to the Bullitt range have dropped with new colours & different interior styling.  A slightly higher price than the standard the helmet is made from a carbon composite so its pretty lightweight. This helmet has never been my personal favourite ( The thin chin bar has never looked good on me)  but its DOT & ECE approved so perfect for taking away when you're riding abroad & rumour has it there will only be one delivery being made of theses to the UK so these helmets won't last long.

Buy online at the BIKE SHED or URBAN RIDER or try on in store 



The Epicurism is the newest addition to the Hedon stable. With the ultra light carbon composite shell & all the usual tasteful hardware & colour ways usually found on a Hedon helmet the newest feature is the inbuilt visor with some serious hardware finishings. At £349 this helmet tips the bill for open faces but its well worth the cash. These guys are rumoured to be bringing out a full face soon... Cant wait to see it!

For more info or to buy got to

NEXX XG10 -£180 

Another option in a slightly lower price range for an open face is the Nexx XG10. A good standard open face with a few artwork options if you're looking for that sort of thing. The white option is pretty good but I'm still big fan of my bell custom 500 for a simple open face around this price point. If you're looking for something a little different in a similar price range though maybe go have a look at this.


The legendary Paolo owner of Joe King helmets painted his first one in 1993 and today runs a small family-owned custom shop based in sao paulo, brazil. Joe king speed shop specialises in old school, vintage-styled motorcycle helmets built with the kind of craftsmanship one can only get from a hand made product. These babies are the lowest profile open face in the game.

'An ultra tight shell sporting opened up cheek sections, a tightened brow area and better appointed lower sections on the left and right. these helmets pay honorable homage to the classic and iconic 3/4 helmet that never should have changed due to DOT/ EU restrictions and government pocket books.'

These are handmade so expect await for yours & also factor in posting from Brasil but these are  fully worth every second to get your hands on one.

(NOTE: No DOT or ECE rating)