Next up,  VCC have just launched the next conversation in their line up of VCC Team Talks for this year. 



In case you missed the launch, VCC team talks is project sparked by conversations with the everyday pioneers that are at the heart of everything at VCC.  Bold women influencing a next generation, from racers, adventurers, groundbreakers in extreme sports, motorcycle builders & women travelling to war zones to the unsung heroes, friends, collaborators & creators we at VCC live our lives around every day, coming together to talk about their lives & the incredible things they do.


VCC will be releasing new team talks on their website ( )  in the run up to their live VCC TEAM TALKS this summer at CAMP VC - With conversations & Q&A's between some of these amazing women joining together across their different disciplines to share their stories & discuss their experiences, kickstarting a series of worldwide conversations between women from all walks of life to inspire others to get out on the road less travelled. 


Check out their latest team talk with the amazing Ayano Hirosaka now over at




  P :  M.Roberts at

P : M.Roberts at


In Japan the scene for women riders is blowing up. Chop riding women are burning around the streets of Tokyo on their custom built wheels & doing it with some serious style & individualism unlike anywhere else in the world. Famed for being one of the main countries at the forefront of custom motorcycle culture Japan has always been paving the way for some of the most incredible parts of custom culture but until recently it seems the new wave of women riding hasnt hit as much as it has in the US & Europe.... Well not any more.

In the midst of planning a trip out to Japan this year we were sat in our studio with a a friend of ours who had just returned from a long trip out there. "I met the most incredible girl out there that you should hook up with when you go... I think you're really gonna dig each other".  And shit he was right!

Ayano Hirosaka is not only into riding choppers, having learned how to wrench & build over the last few years but she's found that where she loves to ride them isn't exactly where you'd think a hardtail chopper would be most at home. After beginning to compete at the world famous Chirihama beach race in Japan a couple of years back she's now a regular face on the vintage racing scene in japan riding her Triumph chopper on beach, dirt & tracks. Oh, and she's fast... really fast.