Wait till you see what we've got in store for you all Friday night at Babes Ride Out UK camp.... First up live performance from Zealous Doxy in our party barn with Sailor Jerry underneath a starry sky... get to know them & their dreamy sounds before the event below.... Enjoy!


Name:  Sami Graystone and Rose Love

BAND name:  Zealous Doxy

History of Zealous Doxy? 

Both Rose and I have come from heavier backgrounds musically, we've been in Surf bands and all girl Glam bands. Initially we started jamming together with no intention of forming a band, just 2 friends hanging out, getting drunk and making music. Before we knew it we had a few songs, so we made a decision to record a demo and start gigging, since then we've been lucky enough to tour the states with the Pine Hill Haints and parts of Eurpe with X-Ray Cat Trio and play plenty of rad shows throughout the UK.

Best gig you've ever done?

Theres been so many! each one is so different, you never know what to expect, we love that. Both of us thrive off touring, its such a dreamy lifestyle, challenging at times but we're best mates so its always fun! We played a gig in Black Butte, near  Mount Shasta, California through our good friend Jenna knight of Strong medicine studios, that was so amazing, we performed in an old railway cart whilst looking over mountains and starry skies, the antics of that night would take me all day to write about it, but believe me none of us will ever forget that night.

Where is your dream place to play?

Anywhere that feeds us, gives us Rum, is full of rad, interesting, fun people and know where the after party is, hahah!

What’s new stuff do you guys have in the works?

We have a new album in the pipeline, watch this space, we feel we've progressed alot since our first recordings and cant wait to share it with everyone.

How did you hear about Babes Ride Out?

Before our tour in America, we went travelling around in a van, stopping by at Born Free, we met the beautiful Nina Kaplan and she had mentioned BRO, it was my intention to go that year but unfortunately it didn't work out, so we're fully stoked its come to the UK.


What do you have in store for us at this years event?  

Otherworldly womb-like wonder that'll tear your heart asunder